Digital Extension

*Under Construction

Diagnostics lab video

In order to help the Penn State Plant Disease Clinic deal efficiently and effectively with a huge annual influx of diagnostic samples I am currently working to develop videos that show the best ways to select and prepare diseased plant samples. Effectively communicating with the public allows the diagnosticians to provide more accurate recommendations and saves everyone a lot of time.

Penn State pest image database

I have begun the process of starting an official Penn State site within the image database. The Department of Plant Pathology has a huge supply of photographs detailing plant diseases and disorders of all kinds. It is my goal to digitally convert these images and publicly archive them in order to put them in the hands of farmers, educators, and land stewards. My personal contribution to Bugwood can be viewed here.

Penn State Plant Pathology Map of global connections

As a member of the Department of Plant Pathology's Web Site and Library Committee I am involved in decisions regarding the overhaul of the departmental website. One of my projects is curating an interactive map of international collaborations and research that can be viewed below.